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About Me: Myke Toledo, your PDR Instructor

Hello my name is Myke Toledo and I would like to thank you for you interest regarding our High Quality Paintless Dent Removal and Ding Repair Training. Dent Time is about integrity and honesty when it comes to the truth about learning PDR. Paintless Dent Removal is a skill that is built with practice, determination and commitment. PDR is NOT easy to learn by no means. I can explain though, it is far less challenging with the right training and instructor. With our unique and hands on training there is no comparison there is a no better real in-the-field situational training. We teach you what you'll see right off the bat. How to deal with wholesalers, retail, body shops and so fourth.

My background in PDR is has been almost 18 years in the industry since 1991. I was 19 years of age and full of ambition. Since then I have a reputable notion for doing the most complex dents in the PDR industry. I developed such a skill that I decided to pass on my knowledge and experience to others and creating an easier and faster learning curve for my students. Techniques that took myself once years to learn, I can now teach the technique within weeks. Again, I am honest. It takes repetition and muscle memory to master though. Here's the important part. The reason you choose Dent Time is because we instruct your practice techniques correctly from the beginning so you don't develop bad habits. I encourage you to please keep reading and watch what I have to say. I just may help you decide if PDR is or isn't right for you!

Paintless Dent Repair is strongly considered an “Art.” Most people recognize “art” takes time and dedication to master and achieve. If you are seriously thinking of training for this amazing trade, then you need to read this before investing in any PDR school or course.

Here at DentTime, you won’t get a sales representative trying to make a commission off of you and who knows nothing about PDR. What you will get is truthful answers to all your questions and concerns from the instructor. We stay committed to you before, during and after your training. We care about your training developments and are fully committed to see you succeed beyond your training process. With your investment, expect to get one-on-one attention that successfully promotes your learning curve and prepares you for a promising PDR career. We advise you to please reconsider if you are thinking of attending a 1-week course and consider taking a minimum of 2 weeks or more. Although you will still need much practice and dedication after your training but you will leave feeling confident about your new skill and your decision to train with a company who cares. Some schools would like to “sell” you what you want to hear but DentTime will tell you the truth instead!

We do encourage you to please call us for references of our past students and hear why DentTime delivers what you pay for!So please check out my PDR training pages and enjoy. Oh and if you have any questions at all, and I mean at all, please call me direct or email me. I will more than happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Myke Toledo


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