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Paintless Dent Removal Did you know we have been professionally performing the art of paintless dent removal for nearly 2 decades?
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Mobile Paintless Dent Repair for Los Angeles and Santa Monica area for door dings, creases and minor dents.
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and Door Ding Repair, is a cost-efficient technique for removing dings, creases and minor dents without using paint or fillers. This handcrafted repair method uses a unique skill to transform your dent or ding into a work of art!
In benefit, Paintless Dent Repair demonstrates timesaving results and instant resale value to your vehicle without inconvenience.
Understanding the process of Paintless Door Ding Removal and Dent Repair (PDR) is simple but performing it correctly is another. It takes much practice and experience for a PDR tech to craft a door ding or dent repair into a "work of art." Not all dings and dents are created equal nor is the experience of any PDR technician. Determining the best way to remove a ding, crease or minor dent takes much needed knowledge to ensure the best results for an excellent and successful paintless dent repair.
SOS DENTS guarantees that our service, knowledge and long experience will live up to your expectations and beyond!
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We use crafted tools that are needed to gain access to the damaged panel, while using a special board that casts a reflection of curvature across the ding or dent. Our PDR technician uses eye-hand coordination to pin point the tip of their tool on the exact location of the door ding or dent. Using quality and controlled pressure, your dented panel is meticulously removed without sacrificing your vehicles resale value and most important, the integrity of your finish. The outcome performed by our PDR technicians is simply amazing while leaving you with unbelievable results!
In addition, our mobile service provides a suitable solution that saves you time and money because we come to you! All our PDR repairs come with a complete satisfaction guarantee or no charge will be applied. At SOS DENT we are proudly determined to astound you with staggering dent repairs and remarkable results your looking for!
We thank you in advance for your interest and consideration regarding SOS DENT.
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