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Bumper and Scratch Repair Professional bumper repair for San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Scuffs, dents and scratches.
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San Diego Mobile Bent Wheel / Rim Repair / Restoratoration / Curb Scrapes / Scratches
Mobile Bent Wheel / Rim Repair
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Bent Wheel / Rim Repair and Restoration from Pot Holes, Curb Checks and Accidents. 

Bent wheel / rim repair San Diego We service anywhere in San Diego and North County. Unfortunately, we do not offer the bent wheel repair service on-site. However, we have another cost effective solution. We offer free pick up and delivery! Yes it's true. We'll come to your location, pick up your bent wheel or rim and return it back to you within 48 hours! Your wheel will come back looking new again and perform without wobbles, miss balancing or leaking air.

From alloy to aluminum, Dent Time will fix and repair your wheel back to pre-accident condition without the high cost of replacement. Your wheel is placed on a special wheel straightener and hydraulically aligned and calibrated back to factory radius. As always, your satisfaction is guaranteed or no charge will be applied. We encourage you to please check out our video below and see how exactly we'll perform your bent wheel and rim repair service you are looking for. For more information and prices, please call the phone number on your left column and contact your nearest technician.

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